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推荐理由:《PilotFAR AIM》是一款适用于苹果系统的生活类软件APP。PilotFAR / AIM is the premier aviation reference APP for the iPadsql_injectioniphone/iPod Touch.   This new release is free to downloadsql_injectionpreview.  If you enjoy the app you can purchase the FAA regulations on a per-update basis,sql_injectionas an automatic subscription.《PilotFAR AIM》大小94.32 MB,在本站深受5484位玩家喜爱和下载。要找AIM Chopper Rescue、AIM、AIM Rabbit Wars等,赶紧下载到手机吧。
Here's what Aviation Speaker/Trainer Rod Machado has to say about our apps:
"I had a chance to download the PilotFAR/AIM, PilotE⑥B/WXsql_injectionPilotPrep appssql_injectionhave been exploring them. What fantastic apps they are! The FAR/AIM is just too darn easy to use. When I’m looking for information, I need the ability to perform a quick searchsql_injectionthe PilotFAR/AIM app makes this incredibly easy to do. Instead of slugging through hundreds of pages of FAR/AIM info, I simply type a word in the search window,sql_injectionretrieve the info.sql_injectionI can even email an AIMsql_injectionFAR excerpt to myselfsql_injectiona fellow CFI. I really like it. "
-Rod Machado
Check out our plethora of reviews - they’re all from real pilots, students,sql_injectioninstructors who use our products every day.   We’re pilots ourselves so we understand the type of products you wantsql_injectionneed.
PilotFAR / AIM features:
- Text highlighting.  Highlight text in the regulationssql_injectionAIM that you want to stand out.
- Fully offline access to all included FARs, the AIM,sql_injectionPCG.
- Full text search.  Find the regulations you’re looking for quickly by entering wordssql_injectionsearch terms.
- Formattedsql_injectionoptimized for the small screen.  All topics are specially formatted for the iPhone / iPod Touch screensql_injectioninclude all textsql_injectiongraphics.  
- FAR sectionssql_injectionparagraphs are nicely indented for easy reading.
- Customization.  Customize the FAR Table of Contents to include only the regulations you need.
- Bookmarks.  Bookmark your most frequently accessed entries for easy access.  Organize bookmarks into folders if you have a lot.
- Email entries.  Are you an instructor?  Send your students the FARsql_injectionAIM entries they need to brush up on.
- Cross-reference hyperlinks.  When a regulation, AIM,sql_injectionPCG entry references another, just tap to follow the link.
-sql_injectionmuch more!  We listen to customer feedbacksql_injectionstrive to incorporate the features you ask for!
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