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推荐理由:《iDcrm》是一款适用于苹果系统的生活类软件APP。iDcrm is Microsoft Dynamics CRM for iphone. It works with Microsoft CRM ②⓪①①sql_injectionMicrosoft CRM ④.《iDcrm》大小2.86 MB,在本站深受8939位玩家喜爱和下载。要找英雄志、僵尸战场破解版下载、麻雀行动倡议 组织等,赶紧下载到手机吧。
Buy it, put your Microsoft CRM credentials, syncsql_injectionwork! It is that simple!
It is a full iPhone native APP that works disconnectedsql_injectionwithout any server component.
iDcrm is based on ⑦ basic principles :
- Replicate Microsoft Dynamics CRM (④sql_injection②⓪①①) to the iPhone
- What you have in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is what you get on the iPhone
- No server component required
- No IT Infrastructure investment required.
- No monthly fees
- ①⓪⓪% Full iPhone application
- Work disconnected.
The main features are:
- Full replication of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM environnement, including fields, form structure, List values, Language, Field mapping, Default values, Workflowssql_injectionplug-in
- Covering the main entities (including custom entities)
- Respect of the Security structure: "You can only do what you have the right to do" including respect of the rolessql_injectionBusiness unit rights.
- Full replication of your data: your data in iDcrm is the same as your data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
- Full disconnected mode: you can work without Wifisql_injection③G access
- «Plugsql_injectionWork»: Just download the App, synchronizesql_injectionwork!
- Access to other users’ agendasql_injectionopportunities (if you're allowed to)
To set up iDcrm you need:
- a Microsoft Dynamics CRM ④sql_injectionCRM ②⓪①① account (it can be either: On-premises, Internet Facing Deployement -IFD-sql_injectionMicrosoft CRM online -Live-)
- Read rights on Entities, Relationshipssql_injectionAttributes
- A reliable network connection (Wifisql_injection③G) for the initial synchronization.
iDcrm is the member of the iDcrm suite that includes iDcrm HD (for iPad)sql_injectioniDcrm Server Component.
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