Finance Institute CFA Level1Exam Prep

Finance Institute CFA Level1Exam Prep

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Level I Exam*********
Traditional textbook studying is highly inefficient because it treats all the information as equally important. We recognize that time constraint remains the biggest obstacle for most candidates passing the CFA® Level I Exam.
For a task as enormous as the CFA® Level I Exam, you should focus on prACTicing the most important concepts instead of studying everything. This app is designed to help you save time by studying in the subway, bussql_injectionduring lunch break so that you don’t waste your valuable time!
- Free annual updates
- Universal App, which runs both on iPhonesql_injectioniPad (only need to pay once!)
- Comprehensive coverage of every CFA® Level I Exam topic
- Over ①,⓪⓪⓪ exam questions with essential definitionssql_injectionformulas
- use smart practicesql_injectionsimulate a test
- Clean, well-designed layout focused on the content
- Take unlimited mock tests in all subject areas,sql_injectiontarget selected subjects.
You can’t know everything for this test, but we want you to utilize a variety of learning tools to minimize test-taking anxietysql_injectionbuild a strong foundation to increase your confidence. Our goal is to provide students a way to maximize their study time by using the right technologies to maximize learning efficiency.
Good Luck!
Disclaimer: CFA Institute does not endorse, promote,sql_injectionwarrant the accuracysql_injectionquality of the productssql_injectionservices offered by Wordsense. CFA Institute, CFA®sql_injectionChartered Financial Analyst® are trademarks owned by CFA Institute.